Short Story Archive

Here’s a list of all the stories we’ve ever made.

The Look A boy has the power to see people’s inner ghosts, but learns he might have another, much more dangerous gift as well.

The Girl on the ‘Gram A man fantasizes about having an intimate relationship with a young, beautiful Korean girl he discovered on Instagram.

The Humor of War A soldier returning from war and eager to raise his ideal family is dumbstruck by the ever-changing world that is seemingly shutting out the institutions he once fought for.

The Toy Soldier A rip in the dimensional fabric between two worlds starts an invasion from a realm where the things you own, own you.

Freakuencies Strange murders are taking place in Seabridge County and a trio of skater teens think the new 5G towers are responsible. When government agents start showing up in the small town, things really start to get weird.

Searching for Squatch A Television personality on the search for Sasquatch lives with those who doubt the meaning of his work…until the day he meets the mythical creature.

Dreary Suburban Psychopaths A business school hopeful working at a gas station is offered sex from a schoolmate on the condition he murders the next person he sees

Jane Munch: Psychiatrist for Heroes When a psychiatrist accidentally leaks the city’s superheroes’ deepest secrets, she has to make things right to save the city from the evil Dr. Forkian.

Zero State In the aftermath of the banks rebooting all accounts to zero, the neighborhood is in chaos. One young man travels through the wreckage and anarchy to find his kid sister.

Boiler Room A high school girl bullied for having an abortion finds refuge and a new friend in the boiler room of her school. But when the kids at school find out, her trouble only gets worse.

The Angel An angel teams up with a demon to save his sister from an early death at the hands of a goony drug dealer.

What Ever Happened To Smoking? When a journalist is kidnapped and forced to suppress his article on alcohol’s connection to cancer, he stumbles on a conspiracy far more disturbing than he could have ever imagined.

When The Anger Returns A werewolf hopes that his bartender will be the one to finally rid him of his horrible curse.

Revenge on Space Station 7 (Guest Author: Kevin Travers) A tale about honor at all costs. In space.

Hood Boyz Four hoodlums in a boys home head out into the night to cause ruckus, until they stumble upon a bigger evil in their city and decide to stand and fight.

The Locket As Gary heads the funeral of an old girlfriend, he recalls how two lovers turned to strangers.

The Thought Pad Trials Fort Knight created a technology that can visualize and record thoughts. Now the courts must decide if our thoughts have the right to privacy.

The First Dance While secretly taking ballroom dance lessons to surprise his fiancée at their wedding’s ceremonial first dance, Jordan falls into an adulterous relationship with his dance teacher.

Victim Squad Our take on crime drama shows, such as Law and Order and CSI.

Breaking Up With Bobby A girl plans to break up with her high school sweetheart, but fears the consequences of his temper.

Never Kissed A Girl After fourteen years in prison, serving a sentence for manslaughter, Louis goes back home to his old town to start again. But can he re-adapt to life on the outside?

Summer in Streetsville episode 1: Rachel Mews a story about suicide.

Summer in Streetsville episode 2: Searching for Cindy a story about a young man and his prostitute.

The Second Chance Club a story about a secret club who gives second chances to those who are unhappy with their life.

The Grid a story about a man surrounded by refugees, white supremacists, and backstabbers. All he wants to do is spend time with his wife and kid. 18+

Those Killer Nights Four restaurant employees are stalked by a killer in a pig mask one night after work. And if only the innocent can survive a horror movie–none of them are safe!!

The Escape Set in a future where Females rule the world and men are imprisoned, used only for reproduction. Two bunk-mates escape the vast compound known as The Bank, unprepared for the world they are about to face.

The Legend of the Lucky Three best friends re-unite for one last night of debauchery as they chase the infamous magical can of Lucky Lager.

The Writer A best-selling author reveals the secret to his creative process. He’s taken the term “Character Research” one step too far…

Pizza Guys When a boy and his cheating girlfriend get caught up in an assassination attempt, they are taken on a journey through the city’s underbelly with two odd and out-spoken hit-men.

The Othersiders A romance, set in a bar, in purgatory. While the two souls prepare to be judged, they slowly recall the memories that brought them there.

Master of Space A hilarious space adventure with the aging Captain Dan Michaels. It’s Star Trek meets Spinal Tap.

Calvin: Die for Something A dark tale that shows its never too late for redemption. Even for a wayward vagabond like Calvin.

The Dick Stuck in the rain, a private detective tracks down his clients cheating wife while mulling over the many downfalls of his chosen profession.

Retarded Two slackers plan to use a boy with savant syndrome to help them steal an original copy of Amazing Fantasy #15

Timestopper A controversial scientist and his brother attempt to stop the hands of time in order to save their dying mother.

Sailor Dee’s Rehab Center for Awkward Adults When Max is videotaped fiddling himself at work it seems the whole world is out to get him. A trip to Sailor Dee’s Rehab Center for Awkward Adults might help put things in perspective.

Whacked! A mobster with a reputation for murder tries to convince the family to turn over a new leaf.

The Downside of Infidelity A girl tries to muster the courage to come clean to her boyfriend about her affair.

Mike & Peter on Internet Dating Two underachievers sit on a bench and discuss the ins and outs of internet dating.

Pride 20 years after he was beaten up for bringing a male date to prom, Raymond returns to his high school reunion with revenge on the mind…

The Tracks A runaway and his best friend prepare to spend the night in an old boxcar. It will be a night that changes their lives forever.

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